Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9789350570135
Code: 02405P
Price: Rs.220/-
Page: 388 pages
About the Book
“We have moved one step ahead in the arena of student and job-oriented books with the CCL, by enhancing our proven pedagogy to bring together the collective knowledge and wisdom of the world of computers. Books published under this series are specifically designed to engage readers, improve computer skills, and prepare themselves for future success. This comprehensive series with step-by-step instructions and relevant screenshots throughout the text enables readers to have a better understanding of computers. Written in simple and lucid language, without technical jargons, each book of this series is accompanied by an interactive CD/DVD with video tutorials.
This comprehensive guide book on Desktop Publishing will familiarise you with the fundamental concepts and issues related to producing high quality ready to print documents using popular desktop applications such as InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, PageMaker, Corel Draw, MathType, Flash, etc. The book covers all of the rules about dealing with text, images, colours, and files, so that your documents will always look slick, inviting, and well put-together.
You’ll learn how to treat your fonts right, how to set up styles for paragraphs and characters, how to flow text around images, how to manage all the tricky aspects of photographs, colours, and objects, how to work with your print shop and so on. The guide includes succinct and expertly illustrated explanations of the basic concepts and terminology of formatting text along with guidelines, tips, and checklists for ensuring a successful print job. This practical guide will help you master the art of creating supremely readable documents.”
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