Body Language

Body Language

ISBN           :   9789381384145
Code            :   00302P
Format        :   Paperback
Language   :   English
Author        :   Vinay Mohan Sharma
Price           :   Rs.150/-
Page           :   120 pages

About the Book

Communication is not always through sound or language. Much can be said with gestures and movement of eyes. In fact, more often than not, it is the body language that ‘says’ more than words. Now discover all the finer points and the nuances of body language in this masterly work. How does a thumb gesture display dominance, superiority and aggression? How does dilation of eyes send a romantic signal? What does a sideways glance indicate? Given these incredible insights, the book can prove to be of immense use for professionals like advocates, doctors, policemen, judges, salesmen, politicians, judges, executives, bureaucrats and customers etc – in short, people who are essentially in public dealing. But then, it is for all, a true guide for analysing behaviour and attitudes.

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