How to Shape Your Kids Better

How to Shape Your Kids Better
Format: Paperback
Language: English
Author: Hari Dutt Sharma
ISBN: 9789381384268
Code: 01904P
Price: Rs.135/-
Page: 124 pages
About the Book
Parents often have a tendency to blame children for their failings. In fact they fail to realise that it is their own role as parents that could be largely responsible for how their children ultimately turn out to be. The author, Hari Dutt Sharma, here tells the parents that they need to look within themselves to see how they could be model parents and provide a healthy environment for proper mental, educational and physical growth of their children. As such the book provides an excellent guide, and covers subjects ranging from effects of disturbed parenthood, common childhood behavioural disorders like bed-wetting, nail-biting etc. So whenever you need ,you will find answers to many questions that the parents often deserve to know for the benefit of their children and themselves as well.
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